Embracing the Blend of Traditional and Modern:

My Journey with Interactive Ceramic Art

Jale S
Jale S.
bird and ceramic illustrations

My Love Affair with Ceramic Art

Hi there, I'm Jale, the heart and hands behind VetJale. Ceramic art has been a dear passion of mine for as long as I can remember. There's something profoundly beautiful about molding clay with your own hands, watching as it transforms under your touch. Over time, I began to explore a more modern approach to this traditional art form, leading me to the captivating world of interactive ceramic art.

The Birth of Birdy Bird: My Personal Masterpiece

In my journey with ceramics, one piece holds a special place in my heart. A delightful fusion of art, movement, and surprise – the Birdy Bird.

As a retired veterinarian, I've always been enamored by the grace and charm of our feathered friends. The Birdy Bird, a lively ceramic cardinal, is my homage to these enchanting creatures.

The Charm and Mystery of Birdy Bird's Dance

Every Birdy Bird carries a piece of my heart, each molded with care and passion. But the real magic happens when you interact with it. A gentle touch sends it twirling in an impromptu dance, each twirl as unique and unpredictable as the bird it represents. This unexpected movement, this burst of joy, brings a smile to my face every single time.

birdy bird home decor object

Birdy Bird: Bringing Joy and Serenity to Your Home

As a creator, my aim has always been to design pieces that bring joy and serenity into your homes. Birdy Bird does just that. Its unpredictable dance adds a dash of whimsy to your space, while its graceful return to equilibrium brings a soothing calm.

In the end, Birdy Bird is a testament to the boundless potential of interactive ceramic art, a field that continues to inspire and excite me. As we move towards the future, I am thrilled to see where this journey takes us.

Adopt a Birdy Bird

Every Birdy Bird is made with love and care, each one has a different movement habits, hence I can not call purchase/buy kind of terms for these lovely handcrafts.

You can *adopt one now and keep on having a lovely time

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