the Story of VetJale

creativity from nature

Jale Sivaslioglu

Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled between rolling hills, I, Jale, a retired veterinarian, decided to explore my passion for art. After years of caring for animals, I embarked on a new adventure by learning to paint with oil paints. Capturing the essence of animals in my work, I used my knowledge of anatomy to create lifelike, awe-inspiring portraits.

As I honed my skills, I gained the confidence to experiment with diverse styles and techniques. I began to produce mesmerizing renditions teeming with life and movement. My reinterpretation of animals captivated friends and family alike, and soon, requests for commissioned works poured in.

While delighting in my artistic journey with oil paints, my curiosity and creativity led me to explore ceramics. I started to create a series of unique sculptures depicting animals, each infused with love and a touch of personality.

Seeking to find the perfect balance between beauty and functionality, I wanted to create something that would bring joy to those who encountered it. After tireless experimentation, I envisioned Birdy Bird—an interactive home décor object shaped like a charming bird. Combining art, playfulness, and my love for nature, Birdy Bird became a symbol of serenity in people's lives.

Each Birdy Bird was lovingly handcrafted in my quaint studio, where I immersed myself in the creative process. These creations soon gained popularity among bird lovers and art enthusiasts at local fairs and markets. My passion for art and love for animals had culminated in something genuinely special.

As I continued to create and innovate, I reveled in the joy my art brought to others. Life unfolded beautifully, with my days filled with inspiration and the enchanting world of art.

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interactive ceramic bird